Yo, yo, yo, this is Mitko and today I want to share my thoughts on a phenomenon I’ve not only observed in the gym but also in many (probably even all) other areas of life.

To start off, I’d like to illustrate this phenomenon by sharing some examples outside the gym and then we’ll relate it back to working out and how it applies there…

Example #1

Since I run a fitness website, one resource I frequent is The Personal Trainer Development Center.

It’s run by Jon Goodman and in one blog post he talks about a story his colleague John Berardi shared with him.

What happened was one day Berardi decided he wanted to learn to play the guitar.

So like the methodical person that he is, he decided that he first had to find the most suitable guitar and equipment for himself, then to find just the right learning method so that he would be on the right track and getting the most out of his effort.

In short, what happened was he woke up one day and realized that 6 months had passed since he decided he wanted to learn the guitar yet he still hadn’t started.

What he also realized was that if he had only grabbed a good enough guitar and started playing, he would be a much better guitarist than he was when he woke up that day, even if he didn’t have the best guitar or the best learning method available.

Example #2

A lot of people want to start a YouTube channel whether it be to share their day-to-day experiences with the world via vlogging or to talk about a specific topic they’re interested in.

But instead of creating a free YouTube channel and starting to shoot videos right away on any device they might possess, they decide that “it’s not the right moment yet”.

First they have to pick and buy a great camera, then a microphone, then they have to learn how to use Sony Vegas for video editing and only then can they actually start shooting videos… only to realize that speaking in front of a camera is a whole other skill in itself and they could have been practising it and shooting videos with their phone and they’d already be ahead of the curve.

Back To The World Of Fitness

perfectionism is a roadblock to progressSo by now you’ve probably realized the phenomenon I’m talking about is perfectionism – waiting for the perfect moment to come when we have all the gadgets and techniques in place instead of starting right away and improving as we go.

For example, you’ll constantly see people on the bodybuilding.com forum wondering what the best training program for them is and not deciding on a training program for weeks at a time.

Dude, I get it, you’ve decided to start working out and since you’re going to invest a lot of your time, money and effort in this, you want to get the maximum return.

Totally understandable.

But you have to realise that there are opportunity costs here – while you’re taking your time to find the perfect training program, weeks pass by.

If you had just picked a program that covers the basics and then improved as you go, you’d already have made good fucking progress and you would have gathered a hell of a momentum.

And that’s the problem with perfectionism and the all-or-nothing mentality – it robs you of time, it stifles you and it doesn’t allow you to generate momentum in the given area.

The Remedy: Ready, Fire, Aim

Ready-Fire-AimThe way out of this mental rut is to recognize when it occurs in your own life and to decide to start right away even if you don’t have all the gadgets and techniques yet and even if you don’t know the best method yet, because you realize that you’ll improve your methods as you go, and in the mean time you’ll be making good progress that will put you in a great position for when the opportunity arrives for you to step your game up.

After all, you have to start at some point so why not start now?

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