movie star abs

Movie Star Abs

The Movie Star Abs program is your guide to developing stunning six-pack abs like Brad Pitt’s in Fight Club or Zac Efron’s in Baywatch. Once inside, you’ll learn the secret principles and training methods that movie stars use in order to develop killer abs in record time for their big roles.

movie star shredded

Movie Star Shredded

Movie Star Shredded is the ultimate step-by-step guide to shedding the fat and developing a lean muscular movie star physique. Inside the program you will learn exactly how to eat and train to develop the iconic movie star physique characterized by broad shoulders and a small waist, a full chest and a big back, powerful arms and impeccable six-pack abs.

mitko kazakov

Ask Your Fitness Coach

The “Ask Your Fitness Coach” program is like having your very own personal trainer in your pocket. Get all of your training and nutrition questions answered by me, a certified professional, by joining our secret Facebook group where you can interact with me and our other members.

online body transfrormation coaching

online Body transformation coaching

Online Body Transformation Coaching is my flagship program where I personally work with you 1-on-1 in order to help you develop the physique of your dreams. Once inside, I literally take you by the hand and give you all the tools and knowledge necessary for developing a lean mean physique while also providing you with the accountability and guidance that you need in order to take action and achieve your goals.