mitko kazakov
precision nutrition certified coach

Welcome to Day 35 of the MK FCT Program:

If you managed to hit your protein intake goal* for the day, simply click “Mark as completed” to log your progress.

Days 29 through 42 are dedicated to helping you instil the habit of managing your protein intake (which is the key factor to maintaining lean muscle mass and losing mainly fat when eating for weight loss – and building lean muscle mass when eating for weight gain).

* Multiply your current body weight in pounds by 0.9 and the number that you get is the amount of protein you have to eat per day in grams (i.e. your protein intake goal).

Make sure to join the free MK Fitness & Consistency Facebook group where you can ask questions regarding the MK FCT and discuss everything that has to do with training and nutrition with the other members and me.

And as always, if all of this training and nutrition stuff is making your head hurt and you want someone to take out all of the guesswork and tell you exactly what to do to get the body you want, I’d be glad to lend a helping hand.