So, I realised has been up for close to an year now, yet I still haven’t addressed this fundamental question: Should you clean bulk or dirty bulk?

Before we can get to the pros and cons of both so that you can decide for yourself, we have to go over some definitions because I see a lot of guys get this wrong…

The Correct Definitions Of Clean Bulking And Dirty Bulking

Dirty Bulk Gone Wrong

Clean bulking means eating slightly above maintenance or in other words consuming slightly more calories than you need in order to maintain your current body weight.

On the other hand, dirty bulking means eating a lot above maintenance or in other words consuming a lot more calories than you need in order to maintain your current body weight.

What dirty bulking does NOT mean is eating any junk food you lay your eyes upon.

That’s an important distinction as most guys think being on a dirty bulk gives them permission to eat pizza and drink coke all day.

It does NOT. Whether you dirty bulk or clean bulk, eating healthy is still eating healthy and eating junk is still eating junk.

Pros And Cons To Clean Bulking And Dirty Bulking

Pros and Cons Of Clean Bulking And Dirty Bulking

As I said above, clean bulking means consuming slightly more calories than you need to maintain your current body weight.

Usually, this means eating around 500 kcal above maintenance.

The idea here is to slowly but steadily build muscle mass without gaining all those unwanted pounds of fat that you’d gain on a dirty bulk.

As I’ve said in other articles, provided you’re (1)on top of your nutrition and training, and (2)you’re drug-free, you can expect to gain 20-25 pounds of pure muscle in your first year of training…

Which amount to 2 pounds a month…

Which is not a lot… like, at all.

And if you’re past the newbie phase, you can go ahead and cut those numbers in two.

The point I’m trying to make is that if you’re gaining 8 pounds a month, then you’re “gaining” a lot more fat than muscle… fat that you’ll have to lose after you’re done with your bulk by going on a cut.

And while you’re cutting you’ll probably lose some of that hard earned muscle…

Also, remember that once fat cells are created you can only shrink them by burning the fat, BUT the only way to completely remove them is by liposuction.

This might mean that you’ll be more predisposed to fat gain in the future…

So while it’s true that if you clean bulk you’ll build muscle slightly slower and you’ll still gain a bit of fat, in the long run you’ll still end up with more muscle and less fat in a year’s time.

But Then Why Do People Dirty Bulk, You Ask?

Dirty Bulking - Instand Gratification

Well, because they want results NOW.

The one cool thing about dirty bulking is that you see results FAST.

You literally see the progress every time you look in the mirror. The weight on the scale is going up every week and so is your strength in the gym.

What happens is you get so much positive feedback for your behaviour that you build this huge momentum that sustains you over a long period of time.

And as I’ve said before, the one quality that determines whether you succeed or fail is perseverance or in other words long term consistency in spite of obstacles.

What literally happens is you see yourself getting bigger (fast results) which reinforces your behaviour further which in turn gets you more fast results and so on…

The bad news is… you getting bigger is largely an illusion.

As we discussed earlier, a lot of that weight is actually fat you’ve gained – not muscle…

And the time it will take you to shed that fat off makes dirty bulking a plain bad deal.

The Bottom Line…

Clean Bulking vs Dirty Bulking - The Bottom Line

In my opinion you’re much better off clean bulking as you’ll end up with more muscle and less fat in the long run.

What you have to do is find inner motivation and trust the process instead of looking for instant gratification and overnight results.

You have to accept that building muscle takes time and just focus on getting the day right, then getting the week right, then getting the month right and so on…

Ultimately, that’s how you succeed in getting the body you want – and everything else in life, for that matter.

As they say…

Festina lente – make haste slowly.

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